January 21, 2016

Jeremy Cooley, Environmental Studies ’16

[The Organizations and the Environment course] opened my eyes to the history of the environmental movement, my place in it, and where it’s going in the future.

Cooley, Jeremy

Cooley assisting in field research. Photo provided by Laboratory Coordinator John Wilson.

Jeremy Cooley has always considered himself an “outdoorsy” person with a strong connection to the environment.  He became interested in environmental studies after taking the Introduction to the Environment course upon his arrival to Lafayette.  Cooley found the class to be quite engaging through the diverse set of activities and assignments it required, and decided to declare a major in environmental studies along with economics.

Cooley also credits a couple of other courses as being transformative experiences for him at Lafayette.  He took Professor Ben Cohen’s EVST 373 – Technology and Nature course his sophomore year.  The project based class provided a challenge for Cooley, but he feels he became a better student as a result.  “It really changed the way I write and they ways I view organization,” Cooley explained.  EVST 373 examines the sometimes-contentious relationship between the natural world and human attempts to understand it (science) and manage it (technology).

Jeremy also points to the Organizations and the Environment course as a transformative experience.  The course, EVST 310, examines and evaluates diverse organizational forms and strategies for promoting environmental value.  The course covers environmental activism, governmental natural resource agencies, environmental non-governmental organizations, international environmental institutions, and discusses the emergence of “green” business.  “[The course] opened my eyes to the history of the environmental movement, my place in it, and where it’s going in the future,” Cooley said.

Other unique college experiences Cooley has had include joining a fraternity, being a member of the investment club, and creating the triathlon club.   Jeremy credits joining a fraternity with helping him become more social and outgoing.  In addition to extra-curricular activities, Cooley has also completed volunteer work at Bacon Fest by helping with waste management and has volunteered at LaFarm as well.  At LaFarm, he helped with towing the land and turning it for the next planting season.  He was also given a plot on which he grew peppers and potatoes.

After graduation, Jeremy hopes to work for a business analytics firm, ideally in green energy and renewables.