William Lamson

William Lamson is one of three individual artists invited to participate in a fall, 2012 Grossman Gallery exhibition that introduces ideas and proposals for possible installations along the Karl Stirner Arts Trail. Lamson will lecture about his work and discuss ideas for his Arts Trail proposal. The fourth participant for our exhibition is a team of Mellon Fellow Lafayette students of varied disciplines from Engineering majors to English, Economics, Geology and Art backgrounds. This team is working together along with faculty mentors (Kerns, Veshosky, Brandes, Germinoski, Gil & Toia, to come up with a proposal(s) for possible data related art installation(s) along the KSA Trail and Bushkill Creek. This team of Mellon Fellows will, with the aid of the Mellon grant, create and install a site specific work or works along the trail that will remain on view throughout the fall exhibition. Mellon Fellows include: Sarah Hardy ’14, Katie Panto ’12, Imogen Cain ’12, Samuel Strong ’12, Ian Crawley ’15, Christa Martinez ’13, and team leader, Ritesh Maharjan ’12.

William Lamson CV