Hobbies: Reading, watching classic movies, playing with my dogs

My Favorite Class @ Lafayette so far: FYS: Music in Modern Society 

How studying Environmental Science complements my major: I am a Civil Engineering Major, but specialize in Environmental Engineering. All the research I do through the school focuses on the environment and I hope to do my honor’s thesis/independent study on an environmental issue.

An Environmental issue of particular interest to me: At this point, I am most interested in how point sources of pollution affect an entire ecosystem, specifically small bodies of water

Research I’ve conducted at Lafayette: Nutrient Analysis on the Shoeneck Stream, phosphorus and nitrogen levels on the compost produced by the college

Outside the classroom: I conducted some earthquake damage analysis while studying abroad in New Zealand and used data collected to project improvements that could be made to New Zealand building codes

How I’ve spent my summers in college: Un-paid internship at a surveying company in my hometown summer after freshman year, EXCEL research at Lafayette summer after my sophomore year

My post-graduate plans: Pursue work at an engineering firm specializing in environmental engineering