ATTENTION Lafayette Students!

Lafayette-Lehigh Game Day is steadily approaching, but why not start the competition a month early?

Get into the spirit of the rivalry and show Lehigh we can beat them on and off the field with an energy saving competition !

The competition starts October 15th (this week) and goes until November 12th , with the winning school being announced on Game Day, November 17th. The winner will receive a trophy , which we will display in Farinon, as well as bragging rights! The competition will measure which school uses the least amount of energy per person (per capita reduction).

To help facilitate our win, LEAP (Lafayette Environmental Protection and Awareness) will be coordinating educational brownbags and hosting low energy rallies and other activities throughout the month. I hope to see you at some of these fun and free events!

However, the most effective way to contribute is to reduce energy consumption within your residence hall and room. Always turn any lights out not in use in your room, bathroom, kitchen and common room. Unplug electronics and charger when they aren’t needed , and decrease use of them when possible. Use cold water for laundry and shorten your shower times to lessen the amount of energy required to heat the water.

Let’s work together to help conserve electricity (provided largely by carbon-intense coal fired power plants) and show Lehigh which campus is more environmentally friendly!