Hobbies: Field hockey, traveling, being with my friends

Favorite class at Lafayette: My favorite class seems to change every semester. I’m currently taking Hydrology with Professor Brandes, and it’s moved up to #1 on my list. We’re doing projects that are being submitted to the Plant Operations department and we will hopefully see some of our suggestions become reality in the near future! (The projects included a sustainable stormwater management plan for the campus as well as a study of the hydrological effects of removing the Bushkill Creek dam near 3rd Street.)

On studying Civil Engineering and Environmental Science: Civil Engineering is very broad; however, I’ve begun to focus on water resources and environmental aspects of it, so the environmental science minor has allowed me to take classes which explore different aspects of how the engineers view specific components of Environmental Studies.

My personal environmental interests and how I’ve explored them: The environmental issues I’m most passionate about have evolved around the concept of sustainability. I first took the VAST Sustainability of Built Systems, which was an introduction of the topic, and I’ve further explored sustainability through EXCEL Research. My current project for my Hydrology class combines my interests in sustainability and water resources. I also performed EXCEL research in summer 2009 on sustainability with Professor Bernhardt. My project was entitled “Sustainability and Capital Projects: Modeling the Emergent Property of Total Cost of Ownership.” I worked with another student and used agent-based modeling to better predict TCO and human relationships for both traditional and “green” facilities in the public sector. Ultimately, the project aims to eliminate the perception that green building is not economically competitive.

I performed research again in summer 2010 when: I participated in an NSF-sponsored research program in Dresden, Germany with Dr. Chittaranjan Ray and Dr. Thomas Grischek serving as my advisors. Through field work, lab experiments, and a literature review, I explored riverbank filtration and the possible effects of climate change on clogging of the riverbed. Specifically, I focused on the potential of physical clogging of the riverbed and the effects on infiltration.

Outside the classroom, I am involved in: Varsity Field Hockey, Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority, Society of Women Engineers (SWE), American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), and the Senior Class Fund Drive

Future plans: I’m hoping to attend graduate school and initially pursue a Master’s Degree in Water Resources and Environmental Engineering. I’d like to contribute sustainable design to a design firm in the future, as well as make an effort to increase public knowledge on the importance of sustainable living and the impact of even small efforts.