What I like: Playing guitar and snowboarding. I love going to concerts.

On the relationship between Engineering and Environmental Science: Studying Environmental Science complements my major in many ways. In Environmental Engineering, my classmates and I learned how to solve problems that develop in natural system processes or using natural materials.  By studying ES, we gained a better understanding of how such problems may have developed and how the solutions we came up with may impact the environment and surrounding community.

Favorite Lafayette class: Ah, at Lafayette thus far, I’d have to say my favorite class was GIS in the Geosciences. (GIS stands for Geographical Information Systems.) I really liked it because I am really interested in satellite imagery and remote sensing, something I think I’d like to continue my education in later on in my career.

Research I’ve done involving GIS: Over the summer of 2011, I performed project research for the Nazareth Borough Municipal Authority, helping to develop a Geographical Information System of their waste water infrastructure. I worked in a team of four students, under the administration of Professor Kney, one of our Environmental Engineering professors at Lafayette, and we were able to develop a functioning GIS for the NBMA allowing them to better manage and respond to issues within their system.

An environmental issue of particular importance to me: I grew up in Maryland and have always had a connection to the Chesapeake Bay. Throughout my younger years in school, we would take trips to the Bay and study it in school projects which is where I learned about the Bay’s problem with having poor water quality. I’m interested in the treatment of non-point source pollutants, which are suspected to be the leading cause of the Bay’s water pollution, and I hope to be able to become involved with this.

Outside the classroom: I am a brother of Delta Upsilon fraternity, an Orientation Leader for incoming first year students, and a Co-Chair of the Senior Class Fund Drive.

Since graduating Lafayette: Over the past year I’ve been working as an assistant project manager for KDC Solar.  We develop commercial scale solar energy systems which generate clean electricity for private companies and institutions.  By building these solar electric facilities we are reducing the need to draw power from fossil fuels and reducing the stress on our nations aging electric grid.