On combining Environmental Science and Economics: Environmental Science is something I am very interested in and something I hope to be involved with after college. I really want to be able to make a difference helping different companies reduce their environmental impacts and to become more sustainable, so having the environmental science minor really compliments my major which is basically the equivalent of an international business major. I have already found this combination very helpful in focusing my interests as I look for summer internships, but still keeps me open to many opportunities.

Classes I’ve enjoyed at Lafayette: I have really enjoyed my classes in the science departments and also my Intro to Economic Principles class. However, I am very involved with Spanish and it’s a language I really enjoy learning, so personally, Spanish classes are my favorites.
As far as environmental science classes specifically, my Environmental Biology class I’m currently taking is very interesting because it has truly opened my eyes to a lot of issues going on in the environment that I was unaware of.

I want to make a difference: I have been very interested in the significant changes going on in our environment, and it always amazes me the little things that people can do to make a difference. So to me, one of the things that I am most interested in with respect to Environmental Science is making an impact as an individual. I hope to do an internship this summer with an environmental focus.

Outside the classroom: I am on the women’s varsity soccer team at Lafayette and I am also involved with LEAP on campus.

I’m looking forward to: I’m very excited about all the different opportunities I could potentially have in the future! I am planning on going on the Environmental Science interim trip to New Zealand this winter and I am very excited about that because it’s a topic I really enjoy and in a place that I may never have the chance to go to again!