Meet some of the Environmental Science Minor alumni! More coming soon.

Lindsey Brough ’08 (Project Engineer in Portland, ME)

“I focused a lot on wastewater engineering at Lafayette, and this has absolutely been a major advantage. There was certainly an  adjustment period — learning about wastewater in an academic setting and applying it in a professional setting are completely different — but the most important thing is that I had a great foundation from Lafayette…”
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Jim Danila ’01 (Transportation Engineer in Newton, MA)

“I’m a big proponent of encouraging alternative modes of transportation in order to reduce the many environmental concerns that are associated with single-occupancy vehicles. I have the ability to get involved in a number of different aspects of this, whether it’s through designing and implementing bicycle lanes, making streets and neighborhoods more walkable, or providing opportunities for expanded transit use.”
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Jessica Jenkins ’07 (Graduate Student at NC State)

“I am interested in alternative energy because oil-based energy consumption is neither environmentally nor economically sustainable, which makes large-scale production of renewable fuels critical to maintaining global energy security. My senior design project on biofuels and engineering electives exposed me to the idea of alternative energy…”
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Dr. Brian Schubert ’04 (Assistant Researcher at the University of Hawaii)

“My honor’s thesis project first got me excited about research. I studied how fine-grained sediments are transported by rivers, particularly the Bushkill Stream. The greatest benefit to me from this opportunity was learning how to conduct a research project. This not only led to opportunities to conduct research in graduate school, but also showed me that I have a great passion for research…”
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Bailey Simone ’08 (Environmental Engineer in Boulder, CO)

“I am especially passionate about the issue of arsenic in drinking water. This interest first started at Lafayette when I joined the Society of Environmental Engineers and Scientist (SEES) under the direction of Arthur Kney…I continued my interest of arsenic in groundwater for my M.S. thesis.”
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Sarah Smith ’07 (Biology and Math Teacher in Fort Washington, PA)

“A few months before graduating, I was offered a full-time job at Stroud [Water Research Center] as a microbial ecology staff biologist looking at how microbial communities change in biofilm of pipes carrying drinking water through the Philadelphia distribution system…[I] began working at Germantown Academy as a biology and math teacher in August 2010. I absolutely love teaching biology to high school students…”
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