I like: Sea kayaking, hiking, (anything outdoors or on the beach), and working on cars.

How studying Environmental Science complements my studies in Engineering: The Engineering Studies major allows for a broad stepping stone into the professional world with a solid background in engineering. The Environmental Science minor has allowed me to add on subjects in areas in which I have always had a great interest. I am hoping that the ES minor, combined with my major, will allow me to bridge the two academic subjects. I also wish to have a deep working knowledge of our environment and how we affect it, as it is our greatest resource and it is increasingly being put under immense strain as humans struggle to support lifestyles.

Favorite class at Lafayette: I have very much enjoyed Environmental Engineering (CE321), as it breaks down the complex connection that we may not even notice that humans have with the environment . The field trips are great insights into human and natural processes.

I am particularly interested in: The area of coastal processes and coastal management efforts. Living on the New Jersey coast, I have seen the impressive ways by which nature shapes the world we live in, particularly in this environment. I have done several research assignments investigating the success and effects of beach replenishment programs and have studied coastal processes and geomorphology while in New Zealand. During the spring of 2011, I will continue pursuing this interest by taking a Coastal Engineering course at Lehigh University. I have also been an active member of Clean Ocean Action beach cleanups in NJ.

During my semester abroad in New Zealand: I participated in a five week earth systems science field camp, learning about geology, geography, sustainability and the cultural influence of indigenous peoples with the environment with Frontiers Abroad in spring 2010. This field camp culminated in a research project in which I used ground penetrating radar to determine earthquake faulting in the coastal region of the Bay of Plenty, NZ. I really enjoyed it and learned a great deal being immersed the field. I can’t stress enough how awesome a study abroad experience is! New Zealand with Frontiers Abroad was the most amazing part of my college career so far. The people you will meet and the places you see will never stop amazing you no matter where you go.

I’ve spent two of my summers: Interning with T&M Associates, a consulting engineering firm in New Jersey. This internship afforded me many different opportunities into the world of civil engineering from design to seeing it come to life in the field.

Outside the classroom: I was a member of the Lafayette Crew team during my freshman year and participated in the school’s Army ROTC program during my sophomore year as well as being a member of the Outdoors Club.

After Lafayette: I would like to work in the construction management/sustainable development field after graduation. Whatever line of work I end up in, I would hope it to be a dynamic one, constantly putting me in new situations and giving me the opportunity to further my knowledge in the field.