Mayor John Fetterman,
Mayor of Braddock, Pennsylvania

“Mayor, Fetterman’s main emphasis is threefold: improving the quality of life for the young people in Braddock, attracting the kind of outside energy, ideas, and interest from the artistic, urbanist, and creative communities….

In July of 2001, Fetterman started, and still directs, a program serving the dislocated youth from Braddock and the surrounding communities to earn their GED, secure employment, and receive intensive intervention and case management. In late 2003, he purchased an abandoned warehouse on Library Street for $2,000 and converted into a residential loft….

Fetterman’s efforts in his first term are paying dividends for the Braddock community. Creation of a large community center and a major piece of public art are in the works. A garden now sits on what was once one of the town’s most prominent over-grown lots. An influx of activity and interest of all sorts in the town from outsiders is generating a upswing in attention for this Southwestern PA municipality.”

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