pociusHobbies: Swimming, yoga, singing

Favorite class at Lafayette: Environmental Biology has been my favorite class so far. Dr. Waters really forced us to think of solutions to current environmental issues and then explained the biology contained within each issue. We also had field labs and field trips throughout the semester to get a first hand look at what we were studying.

Right now, I’m really concerned about: the Marcellus Shale drilling taking place in PA. I’m interested in this issue specifically because gas companies have started to purchase mineral rights from land owners near my home town.

How studying Environmental Science complements my major, and how I’ve explored it: Environmental Science directly relates with biology.  There is overlap in ecology, which is my primary interest. ES has expanded my knowledge on environmental issues and the research and policy relating to those issues. Under the guidance of Dr. Waters, I did an independent study with Bridget Hilbig on the impacts of atrazine and desethylatrazine on monarch butterflies.

Over the summers: I spent two of my summers in the Lehigh Valley. The summer after my sophomore year, I was hired as a Conservation Educator at the Lehigh Valley Zoo in Schnecksville.  I was responsible for taking care of the education animals (including several reptiles, small mammals and birds of prey), giving zoo tours, conducting creek studies, and going on community outreach programs.  It was a great summer. I learned a lot about the animals I was working with as well as how to convey conservation information to children ages 4-10.  Last summer, I was on campus as a Mellon Scholar, conducting research on milkweed and monarch butterfly habitats.  I was able to grow a butterfly garden at the Lafayette College Organic Garden.  Throughout the summer, I saw that female monarchs had laid eggs in my garden, hopefully increasing the population.

Outside the classroom: I am on the varsity swim team, a tour guide, a member of Delta Delta Delta sorority, and  a member of the Marquis Players.

After Lafayette: I would love to work for an environmental firm doing ecology consulting after graduation. Ultimately, I would like to be involved in marine cleanups.